Headaches & Migraines

Headaches are a common occurrence for many people. Unfortunately there are literally hundreds of causes for headaches.However, the majority of headaches are caused by just a few things. Chiropractors provide effective, long-term relief from headache pain and suffering to thousands of patients each day.This is because many headaches originate in the neck tissue or soft tissues of the spine which chiropractors specialize in treating.As with all ailments they treat, chiropractors are dedicated to correcting the underlying cause of headaches, not just the symptoms. Common Types of Headaches Include:

  • Cervicogenic- caused by injury or irritation to the neck
  • Muscle-tension- (most common type of headache) caused by prolonged contraction of muscles in the neck and upper back
  • Post-traumatic- resulting from head/neck trauma, i.e. whiplash
  • Drug-induced - from frequent use/abuse of headache relief medication
  • Migraines severe headaches that last for a longer period of time & can coexist with both muscletension & cervicogenic headaches
  • Cluster severe pain that can comes on quickly, lasts 1-3 hours and repeats several time in a week

Chiropractic treatments can help patients by not only providing immediate relief of pain but also management of the underlying causes of headaches.